Toby Curl

I just finished Majora's Mask on the 3DS this weekend. It was fantastic again although my memory of half of the game from the N64 version was nearly completely gone.

I clearly remember the first half of the game; the first two dungeons. The second half I have nearly no memory of. I remember a lot of the side quests, and definitely getting the very last mask before.

I find it strange not remembering half of a game but I suspect I only played it through once rather than, for example, the many times I played though Ocarina of Time on the N64.

Hype Machine is a great place to find some really good new music (they have a Spotify app with some featured playlists to make it really easy to listen). Sure it's not all to my taste but sometimes there is a great one that won't leave my head.

Black Skeletons by Chin Injeti is one such song. It's the first single from his upcoming album The Reverb, which I am now very interested to hear when it arrives.

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Had a good day with friends watching Le Tour de France in Knaresborough last week. Here are a few photos.

Scotty Loveless has written this great guide for those of you who have some iOS battery issues.

The first step is my favourite because it confirms my crazy suspicion since iOS 6:

Step 1: Disable Location and Background App Refresh for Facebook

Fake miniature train tracks

My usual train was cancelled tonight so I was waiting for the next one.